November 30, 2016
Our most important partners
September 10, 2020


Welcome to 2016, it has now been more than two decades since an Arhuaco indigenous group led by the enterpreneur Aurora Izquierdo dreamt of turning coffee into a source of value within the farming and indigenous communities from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and Serranía del Perijá. By means of this initiative, we have headed towards solving problems such as lack of food and cultural recognition, a poor education system, and our indigenous and rural economic crisis; all of this without forgetting about the preservation of forests, rivers and fauna. We have been facing and overcoming difficulties for 21 years, along with the passion and support of 700 coffee producing families, as well as a large team of people who have joined new allies committed to our mission.

In Anei, we are glad to see the governments’ and ONG’s progress towards establishing environmental protection as a fundamental basis for the whole world and recognizing ancestral communities as guardians of the nature. These measures reflect humanity’s concern regarding the degradation of forests, water, air and soil.

Our commercial partners are receivers of the effort that we put into obtaining the best coffee by means of a fair and agroecological use of crops. That is why we are constantly doing our best to keep them informed about our technical and quality advances, new social programs, and the results from these. We are sure that together we can keep growing and developing.

It is essential to keep building this social network between consumers, intermediaries and producers where each one of us interacts and contributes to build a comprehensive system. In addition to this, we will continue to raise global awareness on the need to create a harmonious world in both environmental and social aspects, where agroecological farming plays a main role.

We are aware that our task is to take care of the world by means of coffee production. In accordance with this, more than ten environmental technicians have joined Anei to carry out consulting sessions all around La Sierra Nevada in conjunction with our special training program directed towards coffee producers’ children in order to create one of the best special coffee-growing teams in Colombia.

I encourage you to read the following information as an invitation to take part in our development! Everyone’s development!